My Story

Mel Leow | Master Certified Coach

With almost three decades of experience in coaching, consulting, marketing and leadership throughout the Asia Pacific region, my key driver is to empower catalysts and leaders to LIVE. BE. BRAVE.

Through the years I’ve spent coaching and training thousands, I have realised that our self-doubts, failings, shame, fear, anger, or even words that others say hold us back!

Many have become frustrated to the point where they are ready to throw in the towel, whilst others are crying out,

“There must be more to life than this!”…

Then one day…Boom!

An OMG moment, and a light bulb goes off. I suddenly realized and declared… I can change my life!

This was 2005, the same year that I bumped into Coaching.

Thankfully there were people who believed in me, namely my wife and my children.

They became my purpose and anchors for this new life direction I was accelerating toward.

Today, I get great satisfaction when my clients engage their life anew, rising from the confusion of where they were to the clarity of vision and purpose of being engaged.

I’m like a proud parent standing on the curb cheering them on as they are finally able to ride their bikes into the distance without my help.

Mel Leow

Leadership + Executive Coach

Mel is described as a thoughtful listener, professional, calm, genuine, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally compassionate.

He serves C-Suite Executives from global MNCs through to regional and local organizations to lead and thrive at their very best in a fast-paced, ever-evolving and highly competitive environment.

He has worked collaboratively with hundreds of leaders and teams across industries including finance, technology, retail, manufacturing, energy, aviation, education, health and not-for-profit.

Beyond Leadership & Executive Coaching, Mel is a:

  • Mentor
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Father
  • Husband


How to Stop Living in Default and Start Living the Life You Desire

Mel is the co-author of:

  • Bring Out Their Best
  • Coach Wisdom (Volume II)
  • The Calling

He is also the author of his all-new book called, ENGAGE – How to Stop Living in Default and Start Living the Life You Desire.

“This book is written from my firsthand, “real-life experience.” It is pragmatic in nature, as I have gone through it all myself – the pain, joys, challenges, and tears. It is also based on my clients’ many successes.

Engage Your Life Now

COACHING Excellence

Mel believes in the Vision, Values, and Ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the largest worldwide body for professional coaches. As an ICF Credentialed Coach, Mel partners with clients to make a real and measurable difference in their lives, one coaching conversation at a time.

GLOBALLY Certified

Mel has over 4500 hours of Executive and Team Coaching experience and is one of a small number of Master Certified Coaches (MCC) globally credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

A BRAVE Leader

Through his coaching work in the community, Mel has impacted Leaders from all walks of life and nations – inspiring them to speak their minds, connect with their hearts and bring out the best in others!

Choose to Live. Be. Brave.

Work With MeL

Enquire about coaching, speaking or mentoring with Mel Leow, MCC. If you are a leader, executive, coach or someone who is ready to TRANSFORM your life – get in touch.


Engage Your Life

Mel’s brand new book ENGAGE and the 12-week program will empower you to achieve REAL, measurable results as you start living the life you deserve.