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Mel Leow is a Master Certified Coach (ICF) with over 4500 hours of executive and team coaching experience. He helps leaders, executives and coaches break free from living in default to living the BRAVE life they desire.

Mel will guide you to take that next step in your professional and personal life. Are you ready?



Master Certified Coach Mel Leow

Who is Mel Leow?

With almost three decades of experience in coaching, consulting, marketing and leadership throughout the Asia Pacific region, Mel’s key driver is to empower catalysts and leaders to embrace Living Brave.

Mel Leow, MCC has worked closely with C-suite leaders, executives, coaches and high achievers in various industries to align their vision, purpose and values to their potential, and engage them to take the next step on their journey to living the life they desire.

When not working you can find Mel hiking, riding his mountain bike, running and enjoying the great outdoors with his family.

Mel Leow

Mel with his wife
Caleb and Izzie
Mel and his daughter
Mel with Adamu Bashiru

Engage Your Life!

“Engage – How to Stop Living in Default and Start Living the Life You Desire” will help you discover your vision and purpose as well as ignite the courage you need to live your best life today.

Engage with Mel Leow Book

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Welcome to the #100MasterCoaches show, where Mel interviews Master Coaches from around the world.

Why follow this podcast? Coaching is globally estimated to be a 20 Billion Dollar industry by 2022. And yet, there are many questions left unanswered…

Enjoy the Show with Mel Leow, MCC – Founder of Catalyst Coach.

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Here’s How You Can Start Living Brave with Mel


Coaching can transform your life

Coaching Can Transform your life

Mel’s Coaching style is unpretentious, guided by the 4H Principle – Honesty, Humility, Humour and Heart.

How can coaching help?

Coaching will help you clarify your goals, identify obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle.

Who Is It For?

Mel’s coaching is for leaders, executives and other coaches who want to transition to the next step in their career, or to learn how to better manage work and life.

Words are the Greatest gifts

Mel’s speaking style is direct, authentic, and inspiring. He finds opportunities to ENGAGE with his audience through his ability to connect and build a rapport.

What type of events can Mel speak at?

Mel speaks at a range of online and offline events, conferences, and summits, including Human Resources, Future Talent, and Self-Help platforms.

Mel has notably spoken at different International Coach Federation (ICF) conferences and meetings and was a featured speaker at the Rising Leaders Summit 2021 in Europe.

Who Is It For?

Mel’s speaking services span from leaders, managers, coaches and future talents of different industries to Gen-Y millennials who want to be equipped as the next leaders and champions of their profession.

Speaking Service - Words are the greatest gifts
Mel Leow - Mentor

Amplify your Journey

Mel is an experienced Mentor Coach for Coaches on their journey to their ICF Credentials; Associate Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach, and Master Certified Coach.

What does mentoring do?

Mentorship is an essential growth catalyst available to every coach and a requirement in order to become a Credentialed Coach. Mel proudly embraces this opportunity to support fellow coaches through his mentorship program.

Who is it for?

Mentoring is for credentialed coaches in training needing support through the required 10 hours of Mentor coaching for credentialing. Mel offers mentorship in 1:1 or group coaching setting.

Choose to Live. Be. Brave.

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Enquire about coaching, speaking or mentoring with Mel Leow, MCC. If you are a leader, executive, coach or someone who is ready to TRANSFORM your life – get in touch.


Engage Your Life

Mel’s brand new book ENGAGE and the 12-week program will empower you to achieve REAL, measurable results as you start living the life you deserve.